The Space Journalism Handbook

There's no manual for doing journalism with satellite data. Let's make one.

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The Space Journalism Handbook: A work in progress

Welcome to the Space Journalism Handbook, a resource for reporters working with remote sensing data.

This manual focuses on techniques and tools for analyzing imagery collected by satellite or aircraft. Remote sensing can be a challenging field for journalists to dive into; working with the data requires not only a knowledge of mapping and image manipulation, but an understanding of the science behind the various types of imagery analysis.

Enter the Space Journalism Handbook, an ongoing project to help ease journalists into the field of remote sensing. This type of resource does not exist for journalists; existing documentation and textbooks covering the topic are incredibly complicated and geared towards scientists and other experts in the field.

The effort to write a manual began with a workshop of more than 70 journalists and remote sensing experts at Google’s San Francisco offices in September 2017. Participants discussed the fundamentals of working with satellite imagery and crafted a rough outline of the manual.

Work on the handbook is underway and we are currently seeking contributors to help write portions of the book. If you are interested in participating, please sign up here. Check back here for further updates on the progress of the project.

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